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Meet Adventurous Alyssa! An Interview with Alyssa Mertens, DPT

SandhillsPT has a great group of therapists. Over the next few months we will be introducing them to you through our blog. Alyssa Mertens, DPT has been at SandhillsPT North Platte for over a year. She is a North Platte native who brings energy, fun and expertise to our patients.

What led you to physical therapy?

I originally started out as an art major and it wasn’t a good fit. But when some of my friends in college told me about physical therapy, I became really interested in it. I love physical fitness, so it made sense.
What do you enjoy about physical fitness?

I love learning about different kinds of workouts that target different goals. I do it for myself, because I feel great after working out!

Where did you go to PT school?

University of South Dakota.

What is an aspect of your job that you enjoy?

I love helping people with pelvic floor issues. It’s exciting when women realize that I canĀ help them with problems that cause them a lot of pain and difficulty.

Who do you like working with?

There’s great things with every age, but I love working with the older crowd. They crack me up.

What’s your favorite sport to play?

Rugby! It’s like football and soccer and hockey combined. I played fullback and I was on the line. I just basically loved to tackle people. I wasn’t very successful most of the time, but I liked it. I am pretty competitive. I wish we had a team here, because I would definitely play!

What other things are you good at?

I’m good at jumping into uncomfortable situations. I love to try new things.

Wisdom for the road:

As long as you have people around you, any town can be a great place to live.

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